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Rapunzel fidgeted as she sat in the council room This was the first time she had been allowed to witness one of the meetings but it had been so boring. Why did she want to be in here again? She stopped a yawn from escaping her lips and decided to count how many people were wearing red, then how many people were wearing blue. How many were bald How many buttons they each wore. The total. There was an announcement for a small break and she sighed. Finally! 

She felt a nudge on her foot and looked up at her father confused. He gave her a wink and chuckled. “If you wish to leave you may.” he whispered. “No one would mind.”

"No no I don’t mind at all. I’m enjoying myself really." she nodded sitting up. "Not at all I like being here, I feel more connected to the-"

"Your Highness!" The doors to the council room were thrown open and a guard ran in right to the middle of the room of councils. He looked out of breath and nervous. As if something horrible has happened. Those who were sitting quickly stood giving the young guard their full attention. Her father stood and walked down the steps of his thrown. Rapunzel knew who the guard was. Victor. He was new and younger than she was by a year. "My King, more bodies have been found in the tunnels." he bowed his head at him unable to look in the eye even as the king placed a hand on his shoulder. 

Rapunzel saw her father stand straighter and his eyes narrowed at him. “… Please escort my daughter to her chambers. I want her safe until this… situation has been taken of.” his voice was soft, but it didn’t hide the urgency of his command.

"Why do I have to go to my room?" Rapunzel asked quickly making her way over to the two men. "What bodies? is Someone hurt?"

"Rapunzel please, listen to your father." her mother said from her place near the thrown. "It’s dangerous to be out now. We don’t want you hurt."

"Dangerous how? What’s going on?" she asked darting her eyes from person to person.

"We fear we have a  monster loose." her father explain. "What is why I must ask you to listen to us and go to your room. We’ll need to address this problem before more people get worse. Or worse."

"Monster? Worse?" her frowned deepened. If it was one thing she hated it was when people kept things from her but she knew better than to go against her parents wishes. That was one thing Gothel had taught her well. "A-alright… I’ll go to my room. Will I see you for both for dinner?" she added giving her parents a weak smile.

"Of course. Just like every night? Now go. Paint me something pretty for my studies yes?"

"Alright." with a soft sighed she followed Victor to her chambers, her thoughts still buzzing with worry. 


"We must send out help. We can no longer sit around while more and more of our guards are killed." a council man said.

"How long will it be until our citizens are also in jeopardy?" another added.

"Captain?" the king asked turning his attention to him. 

"My men know the risks of dying in duty, but if we continue to lose any more men we’ll be opened for an attack by a neighboring kingdom. I must suggest we find some sort of hunter."

"Anyone particular you’ve had in mind?" the Queen asked her brows furrowed. She didn’t like the thought of killing. Much like Rapunzel she was too kind spirited to let anyone get hurt, but war was still a threat. This monster was only killing and taking. No good was coming from it’s stay.


"Oh it’s unfair! Why can’t I sit in? What monster?!" Rapunzel said throwing her arms out. She had listened to her parents and gone to her room, but she still didn’t like the thought of being out of the loop. Her chameleon friend turned a bright shade of red and made fangs, much like he did back in the tower. She shook her head at him. 

"Whats more they expect me to just sit around when people are getting hurt. I should be out there healing, not… not locked up in my room painting." she set her brush down harshly and crossed her arms. 

"Well I’m not going to sit around. I’m talking to them tonight during dinner. I want to know everything."


"There is one man with quite a reputation." The captain said brushing his chin thoughtfully. "He lives in a small providence in France. He’s supposed to be the best hunter around those parts."

"Then send this man a notice. I want to speak of him urgently. We’ll pay any amount of money he wishes." The King said.

With a bow the captain headed off to write and send the letter to this strange man. Hopefully he’ll be able to rid the Kingdom of this beast.

  • 20 October 2011
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